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Student wellbeing

Personalised support

St Piers School and College offer places for students with epilepsy, autism, severe learning difficulties, speech, language and communication needs, and sensory and/or physical needs. 

Our aim is to help them to fulfil realistic aspirations, achieve their goals, and develop meaningful and relevant skills for everyday life in society.

We believe that pupils and students at St Piers are on a nurturing journey of discovery that allows them to grow as individuals, find their independence and explore their capacity to live to the full. 

We don’t believe that diverse and sometimes complex needs should hinder that journey or stand in the way of a full education or physical and emotional wellbeing. 

To support children and young people on their journey, we provide a personalised approach that embraces their communication preferences and offers a range of therapy and medical services, world-class medical facilities and 24-hour specialist and nursing care.  

We also make sure they have opportunities to thrive through a full social life. 

To find out more about how we support our pupils’ and students’ wellbeing in all these areas, click on the links below.

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Health & wellbeing

We deliver personalised therapy and medical services to meet all students’ diverse, often complex, needs.

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Communication is as essential to personal development and psychological, social and emotional wellbeing.

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Social life

Our residential students can enjoy a social life on campus and across London and the South East.