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Individual needs and abilities

St Piers School and College offer places for students with epilepsy, autism, severe learning difficulties, speech, language and communication needs, and sensory and/or physical needs. 

In both settings, we work with young people to create personalised learning programmes appropriate to their individual needs and abilities.

Our aim is to help them to fulfil realistic aspirations, achieve their goals, and develop meaningful and relevant skills for everyday life in society

Personalised learning

We recognise that individual students have their own needs and abilities.

We work with them to create their own personalised learning programmes are appropriate and equitable to them.

Our highly qualified and experienced staff provide support and guidance every step of the way to help develop meaningful life skills that will be important in their everyday life.

A Positive Behaviour Support Strategy is in place for all students.

We also provide a wide range of  therapies and medical support. 

Specialist support for epilepsy syndromes

St Piers School and St Piers College staff offer specialist epilepsy support for children with all types of the condition.

All staff receive training about seizure management, including various treatments and the range of medications, their administration and how epilepsies can affect individuals.

Specialist support for other conditions


We have more than 50 years’ experience supporting students with autism.

We offer pupils and students a transdisciplinary approach that addresses the issues associated with ASC so that the condition does not prevent them progressing in their education, life skills and social interaction.

Our successful approach to supporting children and young people with autism includes: 

•    Visual supports such as Now and Next Boards and visual timetables
•    Intensive Interaction
•    Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC) Systems including communication books, communication boards and the Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) 
•    Attention Autism

Find out more here about intensive interaction

Learning difficulties

Each pupil and student follows a curriculum designed to meet their needs and aspirations.

The curriculum for a student with learning difficulties includes language and literacy, maths and information, and communication technology (ICT).

It also includes aspects of essential living skills, such as travel training, handling money, cooking, and personal, social and health education.

Non-weight-bearing needs

We have special residential facilities for managing non-weight-bearing students in our education, care and medical settings.

Our medical centre is also equipped with hoists and ceiling-mounted tracking.

We thoroughly assess pupils’ and students’ needs as individuals to ensure they are fully supported at all times.

Our therapy services closely work with our non-weight-bearing students and offer a variety of daytime and evening therapies on site.

Additional support

The team at St Piers School and St Piers College also have extensive expertise in supporting pupils and students who need help with:

  • Communication and interaction
  • Cognition and learning
  • Physical and sensory needs
  • Social, emotional and mental health

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Also in this section

Journey of discovery

A nurturing journey of discovery in which students grow as individuals, find their independence and explore their capacity to live life to the full.

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Residential care

We offer residential boarding options, both weekly and termly, single rooms in spacious, well-equipped houses.

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Our fantastic range of facilities that nurture physical, emotional and mental health, personal development and essential life skills.

Guiding principles

Our purpose is to create an environment of growth, where young people can thrive and become a valued part of their community.