School curriculum

This page outlines St Piers’ approach to the School curriculum for all the children and young people we support.

To find out in more detail about all the areas covered on this page, you can download our School Curriculum Policy or click on the individual curriculum areas for further detail.

Aim and objectives

Our aim is enable pupils to reach their full potential to the best of their ability.

To achieve this aim, we have wide-ranging objectives for our pupils that include:

  • Beyond teaching literacy, numeracy and functional skills, we cover information and communication technology and provide pupils with other essential life skills for the future.
  • We nurture physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, sensory development, cognition and communication skills.
  • We encourage independence, resilience and problem-solving skills.
  • We develop their understanding of Britain’s cultural heritage and of the wider contributions made by many ethnic groups to our modern multicultural society.
  • We prepare them for happiness and fulfilment, citizenship and becoming valued members of their community.

We provide a broad and balanced curriculum made up of six key areas, delivered through three learner journeys; Learning for Life, Skills for Life and Specialist Skills, designed to meet pupils’ individual needs, instil values, encourage resilience and independence, and provide essential learning and skills for life.

The six areas of the curriculum are:

  • My Communication, Interaction & Language
  • My Maths
  • My Personal Development and Wellbeing
  • My Creativity
  • My Physical Development
  • My World and Community 

We run several accredited courses related to English, Maths, Daily Living Skills and Creativity. Our class based and specialist teachers use a wide range of approaches and teaching strategies to engage all our pupils, whatever their needs, in every aspect of the curriculum.

Residential students enjoy a ‘Waking day’ curriculum delivered by education and residential staff.

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