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Guiding principles

Our purpose

St Piers is an innovative and creative environment for children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities. These can include epilepsy, autism, and severe learning difficulties. We believe nothing should stand in the way of a full education, personal development or physical and emotional wellbeing.

Our purpose is to create an environment of growth, where young people can thrive and become a valued part of their community. That’s why we follow guiding principles, in the classroom and beyond, that allow children and young people not only to achieve academic success, but also to realise their potential and go on to lead happy, fulfilled lives.

An ambitious curriculum

St Piers have created a curriculum that is ambitious, well designed and adapted to meeting the needs of all our learners in School and College.

The curriculum also offers many discreet opportunities for learning outside the classroom, throughout the school day and beyond.

Find out in detail about the content, structure and delivery of the St Piers School Curriculum, and the St Piers College Curriculum.

We make learning personal

We use the word ‘My’ so that pupils and students can relate directly to learning as a personal experience.


Communication is key to our pupils’ and students’ ability to learn, and to their personal development, wellbeing and fulfilment.

We tailor our approach to communication to their preferences in order to meet their needs to help them communication skills they can build on throughout life.

Find out more here about our approach to Communication.

Fun, flexible learning

At St Piers, we’ve thought carefully about learning environments, making sure that they are safe, comfortable and flexible.

Everything is in place to allow pupils and students to learn in different ways adapted to meet their needs and to build confidence through fun learning.

Grow, nurture, thrive 

As much as learning and academic success are vital, it’s also important that students enjoy an exciting journey, in other ways, during their time at St Piers. So they can grow and thrive as people.

Through our wide range of facilities outside the classroom, they can have first-hand experiences that nurture independence, teamwork and other essential life skills, physical, emotional and mental health, empathy and caring, and a passion for lifelong learning.

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We offer places for students with epilepsy, autism, severe learning difficulties, communication needs, and sensory and/or physical needs. 

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Journey of discovery

A nurturing journey of discovery in which students grow as individuals, find their independence and explore their capacity to live life to the full.

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Residential care

We offer residential boarding options, both weekly and termly, single rooms in spacious, well-equipped houses.


Our fantastic range of facilities that nurture physical, emotional and mental health, personal development and essential life skills.