My Communication, Interaction and Language

All students are Supported to develop their ability to use and understand English.  This may include a variety of teaching and support strategies that enable our students to communicate effectively, and at an appropriate level.

Communication is the key to gaining independence and life skills and to accessing other parts of the curriculum. We use a ‘total communication approach’ to encompass all forms of alternative and augmentative communication (AAC) which supplements spoken and written words. These will include songs, objects, touch cues, symbols, signing or gesture, as well as switches, eye gaze and electronic forms of AAC. 

A personalised approach is taken to the teaching of Speaking and Listening, Reading, and Writing. St Piers School follows the Twinkl phonics programme to support the delivery of phonics through the My Communication curriculum ensuring that the curriculum delivery is adapted to make it accessible for all students on whatever learner journey they are following.

We aim to help students develop the ability to respond, to listen and to understand so that they can communicate effectively and become more independent as they move through life. Communication, interaction, and Language forms the foundations of our curriculum and therefore requires a cross-curricular and functional delivery method in addition to discrete teaching so that it provides our students with opportunities for gaining an understanding of the world and their place in it.

My Communication, Interaction & Language is taught both discreetly and through a range of cross-curricular lessons - it is incorporated in every area of the school curriculum and supported by our multidisciplinary education model. Appropriate planning and provision is made for students who need adaptation to the curriculum in order to access it.

All our students are working at different individual levels of progress. Our planning reflects this through appropriate differentiation within the class, lesson, and timetable. Students are taught in small class groups, as well as individually.

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