Surrey Hospital Employability Project

Since September 2013 Young Epilepsy have been working in partnership with Surrey EmployAbility. Six students were chosen to undertake two days per week work experience trying different job roles at East Surrey Hospital

During the first term the learners worked towards the placements by completing various documents including application forms and applying for their DBS's, producing CV's, attending interviews and completing induction training at the hospital.

The students chose 2 different placements each that are in the catering, nursery, car park, reception, post and porterage department.

Since January 2014 the learners have been in their first chosen placement and we have newly trained job coaches in place.

Students have also been working alongside an East Surrey Hospital buddy. There has been much progress made with the placements since starting. It has been a great opportunity for students to trial different job roles to enable them to learn new skills and to help make decisions regarding their future employment.