Staff from Young Epilepsy make a splash in 24 hour fundraiser!

The Young Epilepsy teams successfully completed their 3 lakes Challenge, and in the process raised £3500 (So far) towards the purchase of a Wheelyboat. This is a wheelchair accessible boat, which will allow our wheelchair-bound students to access our watersports programme.

The challenge consisted of paddling the 3 largest lakes in Scotland (Loch Awe – 26 miles), England (Lake Windemere – 11 miles), and Wales (Lake Bala – 7 miles) within 24 hours, including travel.

It was an early departure for the team who set off from Loch Awe at 4am, completing in just 6.5 hours. Then it was straight into the bus and down to the Lake District, where they completed Lake Windemere in less than 3 hours. Then it was a drive through the night to Wales, setting off for the final paddle of our challenge at 1am. The team completed Lake Bala in 1.5 hours, giving them a total time of 22.5 hours.

Since the mission, we caught up with the team to hear all about the challenge and how much of an impact this will have on the students.

Congratulations on successfully completing the 3 lakes, 3 countries in 24 hours challenge! How did the team find it?


Extremely tough, but thoroughly enjoyable. One particular highlight was paddling Loch Awe as the sun was rising.

Did the team come across any obstacles during the challenge?


Scottish midges, sleep deprivation and exhaustion. The last lake in Wales was a night paddle, so that presented a few issues!

How did the team cope with the changing conditions?


The weather gods were very kind to us. We were blessed with clear sunny skies and flat calm conditions.

Do you know how much you have raised so far towards funding a wheelyboat for the students at St Piers?


This challenge has raised £3400 so far.

How much training was involved prior to the challenge?


We had several training sessions at Wierwood reservoir and individually some of us spent time in the gym.

What was your finishing time?


The aim was to complete the challenge in 24 hours. We managed 22.5!!

What advice would you give others who are thinking of doing an extreme challenge?


Preparation, Preparation, Preparation!!!!!!!!

What difference will the wheelyboat make to the students on campus?


It will make our offsite water sports programme fully inclusive. Additionally, it will allow us to extend the programme to more adventurous and varied waters in the UK.

To support the challenge, please visit the teams JustGiving page

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