St Piers School does Dragons Den

St Piers School students along with thousands of students across the country have begun the Tenner Challenge. The aim is for the students to turn a £10 investment into profit in just four weeks.

The students think of their own business idea, and use their £10 investment to make as much money as they can in four weeks. The challenge gives young people a taste of what it’s like to be an entrepreneur. Each class pitched their idea to our very own Dragons.

Class 5 and 9 will be setting up their own soup business, where the consumer must provide their own cups, which will keep costs down and is better for the environment.

Michael Mercieca, chief executive of Young Enterprise:

[quote author=""]Tenner helps schools to provide a range of learning opportunities which develop key character attributes in their students such as resilience, communication and teamwork, which are important in both education and in future employment.[/quote]

At the end of the challenge we will check back in with the students and see how well they have done.