St Piers real lives: Meet Lucinda

Lucinda has attended St Piers since 2009, starting at the School and then moving to the College.

Initially, Lucinda displayed challenging behaviour as well as complex epilepsy. She was known to swear, kick, run off and was very disruptive. As a result, her condition impacted on her ability to learn and she wasn’t able to manage within a mainstream education environment.

Changing Lucinda’s behaviour was something of a challenge. She found herself isolated as others around her didn’t know how to cope with her challenging behaviour and epilepsy. The School and her support workers tried to get her involved and communicate with those in a similar position to her, and this had visible benefits.

Over time, as Lucinda started attending St Piers College and moved into Farmhouse, a self-contained residential house at St Piers, her behaviour transformed. Her isolation and immaturity shifted as she gained greater confidence and independence. Balancing her life between 24 hours assistance and giving her the freedom to do what she enjoys, such as cinema and shopping, has allowed her to blossom.

Lucinda’s improved behaviour has had a positive impact on the number of seizures she has. In 2005, she was having up to nine seizures or more, day and night. She now has 7-10 seizures a month.

Today, Lucinda is preparing life away from St Piers as her behavioural transformation has given her the initiative to attend Central Sussex College, a mainstream college, and start a Level 1 course in Health, Social Care and Child Care. She’s already passing her units in flying colours. From July 2017, she is moving back to Bexley Borough to be nearer her family. She hopes to live in a residential setting to continue with her life skills and independence.

Farmhouse’s staff have also encouraged her to take up work experience and she’s thrived upon working in Lingfield Primary School and on a local hospital project.


Please note that we have changed the name of the individual on whom this case study is based for reasons of privacy and confidentiality.

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