St Piers real lives: Meet Leanne

Leanne joined St Piers school in 2016 and has settled in incredibly well.

Leanne came to St Piers with challenging behaviour. She had a medication change which had drastically changed her alertness and how she acted during school time. In addition, Leanne was very sleepy and spent much of the day in her residence, due to seizures. Her reactions were very slow and she could not focus on her work for a long period of time. Leanne was able to say keywords on a good day but during others would not speak at all. She was given a large input from physiotherapy with her walking as she needed such support during transitions.

Since Leanne has settled with her medication change, she has become more alert. Through determination, putting together simple sentences and make requests such as ‘I’m hungry’, ‘I need the toilet’ and ‘What’s your name?’ was starting to become apparent.

Leanne’s walking and transitions have seen significant improvement. She no longer needs to rely on staff when she is walking and just requires verbal support. During lessons, Leanne shows interest in what is being taught and participates in all lessons. She responds when a book is being read to her, naming the animals in the story and even making the noises of the animals. Leanne’s attendance has also improved due to fewer seizure activity.

Leanne’s progress has been remarkable - she is a happy young lady who will do really well when she naturally moves to St Piers sixth form next year.

Please note that we have changed the name of the individual on whom this case study is based for reasons of privacy and confidentiality.


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