Purple stick in the centre are our students, other sticks are Education, Health, Wellbeing and Care

Our brand

Our brand

Throughout 2022, we're updating our brand. We want to better express who we are and what we do, so that we can reach more children, young people, and their families, who need our support.

Back in the summer of 2021 we talked with our students, parents, staff, partners, and funders, to understand better how our brand was working. Universally, all agreed the Young Epilepsy brand, when applied to St Piers School & College, caused confusion. Confusion for new parents choosing the best school or college for their child, again for parents navigating the campus looking for St Piers, and for students, who do not want a health condition as their school or college identity or to be defined by it themselves.

We agreed, we needed a brand that brings to life the community and sense of belief created by the students and the people who work at St Piers, which makes it such a special inclusive place, transforming the lives of everyone and with children and young people at the centre.

We want a brand that creates a strong distinction from Young Epilepsy, as St Piers parent charity, and makes it much easier for people to understand what St Piers offers creating a platform for our people and parents to be brand ambassadors. This will help us to reach the wider community and inspire others about working for us and supporting us.

What’s new

We are still St Piers; we are not changing our name. And the St Piers star is still a very important part of our identity.

We’ve updated how we look, feel and sound – to reach more people who need our help and who can support us in our work.

We’ve tested this with our students, staff, and parents, listening carefully to feedback.

We have changed our logo, colours, and font, our language and imagery, to better represent what St Piers offers; to make us distinct and help us to stand out as a School and College.

And in response to feedback from our older students, we have a slightly different logo for the college, as they wanted to feel a sense of ‘moving on’ once they left school.

If you have any ideas, questions or would like more information please email: education@youngepilepsy.org.uk