I define myself.

Young Epilepsy, former St Piers College student & star of BBC Three documentary Epilepsy and Me, Jack Haines does not let epilepsy define who he is, reports epilepsytoday

Despite having up to 40 seizures a month, and suffering with short-term memory loss. Jack has still gone on to acquire five GCSE’s and a CV full of work experience. “I am a hard worker,” says Jack. “I will say that.”

Chris, Jack’s father raised his son to not let his disability define him.

Jack has epilepsy but it’s not who he is. It’s important that parents don’t let disability define their children. We always encourage Jack to do anything he wants. Yes, there are certain limitations swimming for example but everyone has limitations. That applies to everyone.

Jack is striving for paid employment, he wants to be independent. Jack’s spent four years at St Piers College where he worked on gaining independence. Chris said:

The staff worked hard to build his skills. Everything was geared towards developing life skills – things to make them as independent as possible. Jack’s really developed as a person.

Jack has enrolled at a new college, part time, and is seeking employment.

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