Fairtrade Fortnight

St Piers College has worked closely with the local fair-trade group in Lingfield and this year, the group celebrates its 20th year.

To celebrate, the fair-trade group organised events in Lingfield village as well as named a race at Lingfield race course on the 26 February.

Students were invited to attend this event organise a stall and also do some bucket collections for Fair-trade.

The theme for this year’s Fair-trade fortnight is the promotion of a fair price for banana growers.

To promote this theme the lovely ladies of Farmhouse made a range of banana cakes to sell on the stall, (which made £18.00) and other students coloured Banana bunting to decorate the stall whilst others made find the banana games and also model bananas.

The college then celebrated its own Fair-trade day on Friday the 28 of March where the students produced display posters.

The students also dressed as a banana to promote the plight of the banana growers which will be made into a collage to show St Piers College's support for Fair-trade. This will be sent to the national Fair-trade organisation and will also be presented to the local fair-trade group.