College students open Tea Room to boost key skills

College students open Tea Room to boost key skills

At St Piers, we do everything we can to encourage our students to develop new skills that will prepare for life beyond campus. A great example of this came on Thursday 29 November when they proudly opened a new Tea Room by the farm.

Open three half days a week, the Tea Room is designed to help the young people expand their understanding of customer service, cookery and enterprise.

During the winter term, it was just open to staff, so they could experience first-hand the dedication our students have for ensuring the Tea Room is a success. In the near future, it’s hoped members of the local community will also enjoy the Tea Room’s benefits.

The Tea Room wouldn’t have been possible had it not been for the £7,000 grant from the Healthy Pupils Capital Fund. Provided by the government, the grant is given to schools and colleges across the UK with money raised from the Sugar Tax, enforced earlier in the year. This fund encourages young people to consider healthy eating as a substitute for sugar and processed foods.

The Tea Room is open every Monday 10.15am-12.30pm, Tuesday 1.30-3.30pm and Thursday 1.30-3.30pm (term time only) and is suitable for meetings or relaxation. We recommend you book a table first through Wendy Tester, our Adult Pathway Lead.

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