Children in Need Literacy and Science Event 2013

On 15th November 2013 St Piers School took part in a Harry Potter themed Children In Need Event. The whole school was divided into four Hogwarts houses, Ravenclaw, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff and Slytherin. After listening to each houses limericks (made up by the students), seeing the coat of arms (designed and painted by the students) and choosing a house leader (chosen by the students), we began our journey.

The story started by explaining that Pudsey Bear had been captured by an evil 3 headed dog, and every student from each house had to help to free Pudsey Bear. We all hopped on our broomsticks and watched as each house performed a “Broom Dance” to take us to the first part of the adventure. It began at a bubbling Volcano. Each house were given 2 Volcanoes, they had to use their science skills to erupt the volcano.

Once this was complete another Broom Dance (with magical levitating broomsticks!) took us to our next part of the story, some mysterious caves. Each house had two sensory caves to explore; they had to find bugs and insects to use in the spell at the end of the story. Students could only use their sense of touch to find the spell ingredients.

After successfully making it through the caves we hopped on the broomsticks to the tune of YMCA and danced to the next part of the story! We reached the smelly bog and students had to use their sense of smell to identify the different items before cracking the code to get to the other side of the bog.

After a final Broom Dance we ‘rocked’ our way to the cauldron, students added their spell ingredients and chanted a magical spell to release Pudsey. We were all able to celebrate and have a party with Pudsey Bear! A very successful adventure, well done St Piers School!