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Journey of discovery

grow, nurture, thrive

At St Piers School and College, needs and disabilities do not stand in the way of a full education, and learning is about so much more than classroom study.

It is a nurturing journey of discovery in which pupils and students grow as individuals, find their independence and explore their capacity to live to the full.

We foster each child and young person’s imaginative powers, harness their confidence and support their unique development.

We do this through a broad and balanced curriculum designed around personalised learner journeys that provide essential learning and skills for life.

Learner journeys

Following a review, our curriculum structure for School and College is organised into three learner journeys:

  • Learning for Life (Informal)
  • Skills for Life (Semi-Formal)
  • Specialist Skills (Formal)

Learning for Life

Learning for Life is a non-subject-specific curriculum for students with complex physical, medical and sensory needs.

It focuses on communication, independence, functional skills and social skills.

It is delivered in small groups with high levels of support.

Skills for Life

Skills for life is a semi-formal curriculum for students with significant intellectual or cognitive impairments and communication and perception difficulties.

It focuses on learning essential skills for life while following a broad and varied learning curriculum.

Delivered in small groups with high levels of support.

Specialist Skills

Specialist Skills is subject-specific curriculum mainly for students who have difficulties with literacy and numeracy, and need to develop social skills.

It focuses on personalisation and pupils’ and students’ aspirations as they progress through the School or College.

It follows a timetable and is delivered in appropriately sized groups with the right amount of support.


We’ve thought carefully about learning environments, making sure that they are safe, comfortable and flexible.

Teachers, speech and language therapists, occupational health therapists, physiotherapists and psychologists work together to allow pupils and students to learn in ways adapted to meet their needs and build confidence through fun learning.

We use a wide range of new technologies, online resources and tools, apps and communication approaches.

In the College, personal tutors and subject tutors are supported by learning support assistants and learning support workers.

Each student has a personal and social development programme with daily sessions covering a range of subjects.

In both School and College, teaching and residential staff work together to make sure residential students enjoy effective teaching, learning and progress through a ‘Waking day’ curriculum.

Curriculum areas

We provide a broad and balanced curriculum, personalised to identify and meet the needs of every pupil and student.

The six areas of the School curriculum are:

  • My communication interaction and language
  • My maths
  • My personal development and wellbeing
  • My physical development
  • My world and community
  • My creativity

The four areas of the College curriculum are:

  • Employment
  • Independent living
  • Community inclusion
  • Healthy living

To find out more about all aspects of teaching and the curriculum in the School and College, click on the links below:

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Residential care

We offer residential boarding options, both weekly and termly, single rooms in spacious, well-equipped houses.

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Our fantastic range of facilities that nurture physical, emotional and mental health, personal development and essential life skills.

Guiding principles

Our purpose is to create an environment of growth, where young people can thrive and become a valued part of their community.


We offer places for students with epilepsy, autism, severe learning difficulties, communication needs, and sensory and/or physical needs.